Depression treatment in Urdu | Symptoms | Treatment and Tips

Depression treatment in Urdu

I know you came here on this page looking for some effective depression tips and treatments that you can use to feel happier. It’s can be difficult most of the time of come out of this endless cycle of despair, lack of motivation and lack of interest. But you don’t need to worry anymore, Healthypak have brought to you another amazing guide and this time we will share some amazing depression treatment in Urdu that really works.

The key is to start from taking small steps and then keep moving in the positive direction from there. It takes time to feel better, but with positive approach you can definitely get there sooner.

 Some Key Points to Remember to Overcome Depression 

  • Challenge negative thinking
  • Get a daily dose of sunlight
  • Spend more time with positive and supportive people
  • Move vigorously throughout the day – don’t sit for more than an hour
  • Do things that make you feel happier
  • Read motivational stories and articles

So here are some of the depression treatment in Urdu that can really make you feel happier:

Depression Treatment in Urdu

Fresh AirFresh Air

Do you spend most of your time in room, office or any other covered place? If yes then you need to take out some time from your schedule to go out in fresh air.

You can go for a walk, it will fresh your mind and also it’s good for the physical health.

Getting outdoors will melt your stress away and relax your mind. Your negative thinking will start to reduce ad you will feel happier.

While sitting in a room, keep the windows open and let yourself breathe in fresh air.

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Certain nutrients and vitamins such as omega – 3 fatty acids can change the brain chemistry that affects your mood.

Studies have shown us that taking foods high in omega-3 fatty acids can really improve your mood, said by Jill Weisenberger, who is Nutritionist at National Clinical Research – Norfolk, Va.

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The Power of ImagineThe power of imagination

Discover your imagination power that can help you get out of your negative thoughts.

Visualize things like your dreams becoming real. It will melt your depression away because now you just begin to imagine what is impossible.

Always remember one thing, if you can dream about something you CAN achieve it.

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Don’t Hide your EmotionsDon't hide your emotions

You should never hide your emotions because when you bury your emotions inside you, they come up strongly in the form of negative thoughts and finally put you in depression.

Whenever you feel like talking with anyone, talk with a friend and share your emotions with him/her.

A friend can give you best advice by sharing his/her own experience. Maybe your friend has also gone through from depression and can help you with some best advice.

Say Goodbye to Negative Peoplesay good bye to negative people

If someone is keep demotivating you, giving you so much negative thoughts then why not to cut off with those people?

There are situations when you can’t leave them, such as working in same place, living nearby, so in that case limit your time with those people and be aware of those.

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Get Professional HelpGet professionals help

If you have already taken most of the steps given above and still struggling to get out of depression the take Professional’s help.

It doesn’t mean you are weak or a failure that you are unable to defeat depression on your own. Sometimes the negative thinking in depression make you feel like you are lost but the fact is depression can be treated by taking its proper treatment from a professional.

Don’t ignore the first 5 steps even if you are already receiving professional’s help, because these steps are also part of your treatment plan and preventing depression from returning.

So these are some of the best depression treatment in Urdu, you should take these steps and stick to them, it will definitely help you getting rid of depression.



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