Green Tea Side Effects in Urdu that Everyone Needs to Know

Green Tea Side Effects in Urdu - Green tea k nuqsan

Green Tea Side Effects in Urdu: Green tea is packed with lots of health benefits which can really help in so many things. It is great to boost your metabolism and immune system, fights aging, restricts absorption of fat, improve skin problems and many health benefits.

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The most valuable benefit of green tea is its ability to burn fats and help in weight loss process. Despite so many benefits, there are also some side effects of green tea as well, let’s talk about those side effects.

If you are overly consuming green tea then you need to take a look on these following side effect too, to help prevent yourself from these side effects.

Green Tea Side Effects in Urdu


Like normal tea, green tea also contains caffeine which can adversely affect your heart because it causes irregular heartbeat.

Physicians and health experts warn that it is always dangerous to drink more than 2 cups of green tea a day and if you are suffering from any kind of heart issues then do not consume green tea more than 1 cup a day, or consult your Doctor first.

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Other Green Tea Side Effects in Urdu

  • Overly consuming green tea can cause kidney and heart problems as it weakens them.
  • Overly consuming green tea can cause insomnia.
  • The growth of baby can be affected as green ta contains EGCG.
  • Overly consuming green tea can cause sleeplessness and it can also damage the nervous system.
  • Green tea can cause Osteoporosis as it drains the body’s calcium, when you feel like you are losing weight with losing water retention then that can be the calcium of your bones.
  • Overly consuming green tea can also damage the liver and can cause liver problems.
  • A standard cup of green tea contains 30 mg caffeine. So if you are sensitive to caffeine then it can raise your blood pressure.
  • It is also not very good for pregnant women because the caffeine present in it can cause premature birth and low birth weight.

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So there were some of the common green tea side effects in Urdu. Green tea is very good for health but it is very important to know your medical conditions first in order to prevent these side effects.




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