Pregnancy Tips in Urdu for Fast get Pregnant

Pregnancy Tips in Urdu for Fast get Pregnant

Every married girl has a dream to get pregnant fast after her marriage but due to some reasons it can be delayed most of the time. Getting pregnant is not that easy as you think, while some women get pregnant within the first month. Healthypak have brought this complete guide for all those married women out there who are trying to conceive but having no luck. These pregnancy tips in Urdu for fast get pregnant can help you in conceiving and also to stay healthy throughout your pregnancy period.

Pregnancy Tips in Urdu for Fast get Pregnant

Early Marriage

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The chances of getting pregnant in early age (18 – 25) are more than the chances in older age. So the very first thing to take care of is getting married in early age. Following are some of the major disadvantages of late marriage.

  • Feminine beauty and attraction decreases as the time pass, this leads to improper match of coupe and the wife may remain in the depression.
  • Depression may lead to hysteria and other medical and psychological problems.
  • Chances of ovary cancer and breast cancer are increased in late marriages.
  • Late marriages leads to abnormal pregnancies.
  • Children of late marriage couples are not full matured enough to be stable when their parents get old and they have very less chances to develop their career and future.

But due to any reason, if you got married in older age then don’t worry you still have bright chances to get pregnant, our rest of the tips can help you in getting pregnant no matter what age you are in.

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Know when you are Ovulating


The first and important thing is to know when you are ovulating. Chart your cycle to know when you are ovulating. If there’s no sperm to meet the egg when you ovulate then you are just not going to get pregnant.

Avoid using Lubricants

The second thing is, avoid using lubricants during the sex when you are trying to conceive. These things can impede the motility of the sperm which can decrease the chances of conceiving.

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Remove Stress for your Life

Stress can lead to many psychological problems, so stay relax. Yes, it’s hard to stay relax when you are trying to conceive but getting no positive results, but the truth is, stress can really impede the chances of conceiving.

Reduce Caffeine Intake


It’s fine to have a cup or two of coffee per day but high levels of caffeine consumption (more than 5 cups a day) will decrease the fertility. If you are already pregnant then it can increase the risk of miscarriage.

Eat Well

A healthy diet

The fertility rate is low in women who are super skinny or obese. So eat a well-balanced diet and avoid heavy meals. Rely mostly on natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, dairy foods, protein foods and cut of processed and junk foods.

Some important pregnancy tips in Urdu for fast Pregnant

  • Consult your Doctor on regular basis.
  • Learn everything about getting pregnant.
  • Eat well and take your folic acid and vitamin supplement well before conception.
  • Stop smoking and drinking.
  • Maintain a healthy weight according to your BMI.
  • Stay relax and tension-free.
  • See an infertility specialist.

So these pregnancy tips in Urdu for fast pregnant can help you getting pregnant, all you need to do is, stay positive and never get panic. When have seen many women conceiving over 40, so no need to be upset and stay hopeful.

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