Best Teeth Whitening Tips in Urdu | NO MORE YELLOW TEETH

Best teeth whitening tips in Urdu for men and women

Tired of pale yellow teeth ruining your prettiest smile? You are not alone! A recent survey reveals that every 2 out of 7 people are struggling with pale teeth with tartar and plaque. It is common knowledge that discolored teeth are not only bad for human oral health but is also visually very unappealing. This is why people these days look for easy to follow and quick home remedies to whiten teeth without having to pay multiple visits to the dentist! Follow the best teeth whitening tips in Urdu that will sparkle your teeth within days and give you’re a picture perfect pearly white smile!

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Teeth whitening tips in Urdu: Quick Remedies

If you are looking for easy tips that will help you to remove the yellowish tinge from the teeth, you have arrived at the perfect place! Read on to find out the easiest ways you can get the picture ready with a perfect million dollar ‘teeth-y’ smile!

Tip 1: Never forget to brush twice a day!

As a child, we have heard all our life that we need to brush our teeth after every meal. However, the truth is that it is important that you brush your teeth twice a day i.e. every morning and right before you go to bed.

Tip 2: Brush AFTER breakfast and not BEFORE

There is a general misconception that you should brush your teeth before you have your breakfast i.e. right after you wake up in the morning. However, to ensure that your teeth remain white it is best to have your breakfast first and then brush your teeth so that no food particles accumulate inside the oral cavity.

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Tip 3: Rinse and floss at least thrice a week

Rinsing and flossing the teeth 2 to 3 times a week will help to keep the mouth fresh and the teeth clean. Whitening mouthwashes help to cleanse the teeth and remove pale color from it.

Tip 4: Use baking soda with lime

Baking soda is available in every household these days. Baking soda with lime combined can cut through all tartar and plaque and will instantly help to whiten the teeth. You can use this with the toothbrush or rub it with a finger on the teeth. The results will appear within a few days of constant use.

Tip 5: Chew on fibrous foods

Little do you know that eating certain foods can also help you to whiten your teeth! Fibrous foods such as apples, celery, carrots, and broccoli exfoliate the teeth.

Tip 6: Invest in toothbrush with maximum bristles

Toothbrushes that come with maximum bristles help to reach deep into the corners of the teeth and remove any plaque that might be accumulated on the teeth and cause paleness.

With dentists being so expensive these days, it is best to follow these quick and handy teeth whitening tips in Urdu if you want to flash the perfect smile! After all, you can win hearts with your smile – so why compromise on that?



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