Top 8 Natural Weight Loss Drinks in Urdu for Guaranteed Results

Top 8 Natural Weight Loss Drinks in Urdu for Guaranteed Results

Are you tired of dealing with the extra flab on your body? Does it make you look uncomfortable and feel so too? You can now finally bid goodbye to those fat years because we have the secret to effective weight loss for you! You can now actually lose oodles of body fat just by drinking a few weight loss drinks in Urdu. It might sound crazy but it actually works! There are people out there who have followed these quick and easy weight loss drinks recipes and lost more than 50KG weight in less than 6 months. If body fat is a problem for you too; you can now get the ideal figure that you have always dreamt of with these quick and easy recipes.

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Top 8 Natural Weight Loss Drinks in Urdu for Guaranteed Results

We have seen magic happen with the following weight loss drinks and now you can be one of the beneficiaries as well. Indulge in these drinks that are tasty as well and lose weight as you drink away.



Water is your best friend and so you should stay loyal to it as well. It has been proven scientifically that water helps to bring the body weight down and helps you to lose body fat as well as water weight. A normal person is recommended to drink at least 2 liters of water in a day. If you are on a diet, you should be minimally in-taking 3 to 4 liters of pure water every single day.

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Lemon is helpful to cut through the stubborn layers of body fat. This is why a glass of fresh lemonade on empty stomach will actually help you to lose weight and maintain it in the long run as well.


To make a glass of fresh lemonade, try this following Recipe:

  • Squeeze a full lemon into a glass of fresh water.
  • Do not add any sugar to sweeten the drink. Instead, you can add a pinch of salt and pepper to add flavor to your drink.

Lemon, Ginger and Mint Drink

Lemon, ginger and mint drink

Lemon, garlic and mint drink is going to help you kill body fat and shed up to 2-3 kg of body weight within 1 week. You should continue using this drink every single day for long-term weight loss effects.


  • Take one whole lemon and squeeze it into a glass of fresh water.
  • Add fresh ginger juice or overnight soaked whole ginger into the glass.
  • Adding mint to the drink is optional and depends on personal preference of the consumer.
  • Mint will only add more flavors to the drink and make it more tasteful.

Black Coffee

Black coffee

Black coffee is known to speed up the metabolic rate of the human body. This is why you burn more calories and feel energetic after having a cup of black coffee.


  • Boil water until it is smoking hot.
  • Add boiling hot water in a cup and add 1 tablespoon of coffee to the cup.

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Grapefruit Juice with Honey

Grapefruit juice with honey

It is commonly known that grapefruit is wonderful for weight loss. If you want to lose weight without much effort, you should consume grapefruit juice on regular basis. Grapefruit is a little sour therefore people avoid drinking its juice. However, you can add sweetness to the drink by mixing fresh honey to your fruit juice glass.


  • To make a glass of fresh grapefruit juice, cut 1 whole grapefruit into two halves. 1 half should be more than enough for 1 glass of juice.
  • Blend the grapefruit in a juicer.
  • You can add a pinch of salt and honey to flavor the drink as well.

Aniseed With Honey and Cinnamon Powder

Aniseed with honey and cinnamon powder

Aniseed also knew as Saunff is helpful to lose weight. The way to consume it is to drink it as the first thing in the morning. This will cleanse your stomach and get your metabolism in working state. This is an essential kick start that your body needs in the morning.


  • To make this drink, you will need to soak a handful of aniseeds in water overnight. Allow it to rest all night.
  • In the morning you will see a pale green liquid. Drain the aniseed liquid in a pan and heat it on low flame until it boils and becomes a darker shade of green.
  • As soon as the drink starts boiling, you can pass it through a sieve into a cup.
  • Add cinnamon powder and honey to taste.
  • Consume this drink on an empty stomach in the morning.

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Fresh fruit smoothies

Fresh fruit smoothies

Smoothies are the ‘it’ weight loss drinks these days. Not only are these utterly delicious and yummy but are very healthy as well. A wholesome glass of fresh fruit smoothie will keep you full for hours on end.


  • You can prepare your smoothie by choosing any 2 or 3 fresh fruits of choice. Most popular are strawberry, banana and chia seeds smoothie.
  • You can blend the fruit slices and chia seeds with a cup of yogurt, ¼ of low-fat milk and a lot of ice.
  • This drink is not only going to aid your weight loss process but will also make you feel full for at least 2 hours!

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Detox drinks

Detox water

Lastly but most importantly, detox drinks have become very popular in the recent days. These drinks are getting popular because they help to detoxify and cleanse the system of the body. This not only helps to lose weight but is also helpful to shed body fat.


  • There are many ingredients that can be used to create detox drinks. The basic is of course fresh water.
  • The trick is to cut pieces of fresh fruits and vegetables and green edible plants and soak them in water overnight.
  • The extracts of all these ingredients will mix with the water.
  • This water should be consumed throughout the day to lose weight and cleanse out all the toxins from the body.


The good part about all these weight loss drinks is that they are just as yummy as nutritional and healthy. So you can now actually enjoy yourself whilst you shed body fat!




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