Yoga Exercises for Beginners – 3 Basic Positions

Yoga Exercises for Beginners

Yoga means relaxation, sweat-inducing fitness and peace of mind. Yoga exercise strengthen and tighten the body and also include meditative elements that lead to balance and serenity. Yoga does not need any specific place or any equipment. You can do yoga exercises simply with sleeping mat (Yoga mat) and comfortable clothing.
We are going to share three basic yoga exercises for beginners which are very easy and a beginner can do all these exercises easily. Also we will share their affects on our body and soul.

3 Best Yoga Exercises for Beginners

Triangle Yoga Exercise


yoga triangle pose
This yoga position proceed as follows:

– Straddle your legs while turning the right foot outward. Raise right arm and reach out to shoulder level, palm down. Move your left hand back on the lower back laying sideways.

– Exhale while prone torso to the right. Take your right hand beside right knee. Turn your head to the left and look up over the shoulder.

– Torso on tend to the right while stretching your left arm straight up. Hold this pose for 20 seconds then repeat with the other side.

Effect of Triangle Yoga Exercise:
– Physically: Strengthens buttocks, back muscles and legs.
– Mentally: Harmonized, strengthens and grounds.

Warrior Yoga Exercise



yoga warrior pose
Warrior yoga position proceed as follows:

– Stretch your arms sideways at shoulder level. Straddle legs to join foot at the level of the wrists. Now turn your left foot outward.

– Bend your left leg and press the right foot into the ground, the outside of the foot should stay on the floor. Keep your left knee at the heel level. Just stretch back, tense body. Hold on for 15 seconds then switch the sides.

Effect of Warrior Yoga Exercise:
– Physically: Strengthens the body and stamina.
– Mentally: Increase spiritual strength, courage and inner heroism.

Tree Yoga Exercise

Yoga tree pose
Tree yoga position proceed as follows:

– Stand with straight feet. Take a few deep inhale and exhale.

– Stretch out your arms sideways while shifting your weight to the right leg. Now lift the left foot and turn knee as much as possible to the outside. Put your left foot up against the inside of right thigh.
Raise your arms and bent slightly, hands close up. Now put your stomach in. Stay there for 15 seconds then repeat the same process with the other leg.

Effect of Tree Yoga Exercise:
– Physically: It strengthens the sense of balance and improve body strengthening.
– Mentally: Harmonized and stabilized. Helps to develop goal orientation and determination.

By doing all these above yoga exercise you will see a great positive change in your lifestyle physically and also mentally. But the key is to stay consistent and adopt yoga on regular basis. There are many other yoga positions that you can also try at your homelike Mountain pose, Downward facing dog, bridge pose, Seated twist, Pigeon pose, crow pose, Child’s pose and many other. So keep practicing these pose and you will be a Pro very soon.

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Source: Yoga Journal



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